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Compact seminars and workshops address current subjects. These can be booked as individual webinars and are suitable for on-site presentations or lectures.

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The future of master rights

Which right with which partner?

€ 99,-- /per Webinar

The master right, and thus the granting of rights of use for a production, is a decisive factor in determining the earnings situation of a musician or producer. In times where sales products give way to subscription products, the low remuneration per stream often creates financing problems for new productions.

What is a cash cow for large catalog owners is often a niche business at the master level. When now the physical sales product also becomes the niche, the way forward should be started there.

The master right regulates which evaluation type is agreed with whom. Are classic general contracts still in keeping with the times, or do specific contracts for different forms of evaluation make more sense in order to forge a path into the future with individual, specialized partners?

The seminar shows a commercial chain based on master contracts and finds solutions through today’s format diversity and fan interests.

Immersive audio - the new dimension of sound

€ 99,-- /per Webinar

Technological development in the exploitation of home entertainment productions is rapid. Film has evolved from VHS tape to 4K UHD Blu-rays, and 8K is already being offered. In the gaming sector, corresponding computing capacities ensure ever more realistic gaming environments. In music, it went from mono to multichannel mixes. Immersive (3-D) mixes today offer entirely new creative possibilities and thus new sales opportunities. The seminar will provide an up-to-date overview of the available technologies and their possible uses in marketing.

What - When - Where
(Webinar + Workshop)

Which format at which time at which dealer?

€ 149,-- /per Webinar + Workshop

The scheduling of a publication is determined by many factors that are completely independent of the quality of the artistic result.
Who is the target group, where do I meet them and what media formats do they use?

The content of this web session and the subsequent workshop is to analyze all this with as little effort as possible and to create a product world from the result that includes purchase and subscription products.

Ways out of the crisis
(Webinar + Workshop)

Price upon request

The physical replication of sound recordings has changed massively in recent years. The collapse in CD sales and capacity bottlenecks in vinyl production show clear trends in the market.
The classic standard product of the 90s, the CD, has given way to streaming, but haptic experience and celebration of listening to a vinyl record shows the counter-trend to decelerate and enjoy music instead of constant consumption.

In this seminar we will show backgrounds, trends and opportunities for replication companies to present a perspective for growth after the restructuring and consolidation that has now been necessary for years. An individual workshop for training employees is available to accompany this seminar. Support your customers with valuable content marketing information from your employees. Perspective and innovation are core elements of this program.

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