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Compact seminars and workshops address current topics. These can be booked as individual webinars and are suitable as presentations or on-site lectures.

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Dolby Atmos - a new dimension for the music market?

Webinar & Consulting

€ 49,-- /per participant

Since Apple added Dolby Atmos immersive audio to its streaming offering in 2021, this cinema-derived sound format has received greater attention in the music world, conjuring up new dimensions of sound for consumers in their living rooms and on their mobile devices.

The webinar will highlight different production options from recording to mixing. The resulting masters are suitable for various forms of exploitation from streaming to physical media. The sales channels that then match these products are also considered. A cost and revenue analysis concludes the webinar.

What / When / Where - A strategy for the optimal value creation of production masters

Webinar & Consulting

€ 49,-- /per participant

In the music industry, as in film, production quality has steadily improved. High-definition sound formats have emerged in parallel with the HD development of the picture. This results in a variety of value creation options in the form of digital and physical products to refinance a production.

While the music industry offers all formats to the consumer “Day One”, on one release day, and thus streaming has been able to achieve its market dominance, film thinks in terms of exploitation windows in order to achieve optimal use in master exploitation.

This webinar will show you which products to use at which time and in which sales channel, and will demonstrate the possibilities of achieving a solid income situation with music productions, even today, in a market environment that is difficult for many creatives.

Individual consulting

Individual online consulting

€ 150,-- /per hour, Free preliminary talk

Are you at a certain point in your creative development and looking for opportunities and information on how to take the next step in your development either as a Musician or Label?

In advance, we discuss the current problem areas and needs free of charge. Once we have identified possibilities for cooperation on both sides, we arrange an individual consultation appointment and analyse the initial situation in detail and work out possible solutions with a perspective.

Special Seminar: The Future of Master Rights

Webinar & Consulting

€ 39,-- /per participant

Is the current global granting of rights “temporally, spatially, for all existing and future formats, whether physical or digital” still appropriate?

In times of niches, is there a need for a specialist network of marketers of the available physical and digital media formats?

We look back into the emergence of the master right and its development under the aspect of diverse media formats and the diversification of sales channels.

Basic seminar: The journey as author and/or performing artist

Webinar & Consulting

€ 29,-- /per participant

Creator and performing artist form the foundation in music production. There are different approaches to legal aspects for each sector. This is also the case in revenue generation.

In this webinar, we highlight the basics from GEMA to GVL. The two-way participation in the evaluation of audio productions up to unique selling points and thereby different aspects of the respective professional group.