Use or own

The entertainment industry has been feeling the digital transformation for about 20 years now. What started in music with the mp3 development and then illegal peer-to-peer networks has now become a profitable streaming business for owners of large catalogs. For most creatives, this has meant and continues to mean a drop in revenue in the exploitation of a master.

The vinyl trend shows that haptics and celebrating music listening definitely has a market. Why should this be any different with CD, DVD, or better sounding purchased products like the Blu-ray format. A standard CD, DVD or Blu-ray in a standard plastic package with a meager booklet hardly offers any added value to streaming. Therefore, even today’s optical media format such as CD, DVD or Blu-ray can become a “must have” product through appropriate packaging and contribute to solid sales to finance productions. We are here to advise on packaging and are happy to produce high quality media products. Because almost every master is “added value”!

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